No Wide Open Throttle (WOT) fuelling for TR8/USA specification vehicles (cont.)

Explanation European ECU
The lambda board in the ECU has no lambda circuitry and board sizes in this ECU vary in size. Do not ask me why.!!!!!

How to test for WOT enrichment
The best way is to have a look. Remove the 6 securing screws. Nothing else to do except look for R901 resistor (ed. See diag. above). If it's there then you have it.

There is another way, remove the throttle Potentiometer, reconnect potentiometer. With the engine at idle, lean off on the AFM till you hear the RPM reduce. Rotate the throttle Potentiometer very slowly until WOT is reached. You should hear the engine increase speed. If not, good chance no enrichment available.

Please reset throttle Potentiometer to 300mv.

It would appear the ECU numbers 83721A & 83617A do not have enrichment. ECU 83511A does have enrichment but no lambda sensing.

On behalf of Lucas and myself I would like to apologise for this error of judgement, I had no knowledge of it. Triumph must have known.

Albert Tingey