The "Method Built" TR8s

What do the words “Methods Built” Mean?

Basically, a vehicle body shell is assembled and painted and then the running gear and ancillaries are added in such a way that observers can note the order in which the assembly is taking place. If, during this period, modifications to the shell and/or the assemblies need to be made, notes will be included in the final report. Similarly, changes can be made at this point regarding the sequence in which the assembly is carried out. This will enable a full break down of the assembly process to be made and when production commences it should go forward without a problem.

This would also relate to the sub-assemblies of the vehicle, but would not be considered to be of such a complicated nature.

The first "Methods Built" TR8 that I am aware of is HOJ 156W. Assembly of this Fixed Head Coupe began at the Speke factory in early 1976 and then transported to the Longbridge Factory Methods Build Department for final assembly as a test vehicle.
The specific set up would be for the USA Market. Sadly, due to the industrial unrest at Speke, the vehicle was not used for the initial ACN production units but was used as a runabout for Mr Bob Hart of the Methods Build Dept.
It was then stored away at Longbridge for 5 years and should have been crushed but was reprieved, registered under the factory number HOJ 156W and sold at the selloff of BL cars.

Today, HOJ has been restored and is in concours condition.